Murder The World

by HoodooEngine

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Arcane magick rituals, elite reptilian overlords, and musings on immanentizing the eschaton.



released November 5, 2011


Johan Ess - vocals, sounds
Marz233 - arrangement, drums, synths, sounds
Agent139 - rhythm guitar, bass, percussion

Additional studio musicians:
Scott Landes - lead guitar
The Illuminist - lead guitar
Jeff Hartman - rhythm guitar on 'drawing the void'
William Clark - percussion

Produced and Mixed by Johan Ess, Marz233, and James Curcio
Final Mixing and Mastering by Bruce Gatewood and Bob Idakaar

Photography by William Clark
Art design by James Curcio


Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.



HoodooEngine Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Spawned by twisted masterminds Marz233, Agent139 and Johan Ess, Hoodoo Engine is a collaboration of adepts who have spent over a decade performing diabolical music.

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Track Name: In The Flesh
in your cells they
multiply the abberations
you dont know it and they
keep laughing all the while

while your eyes are shut
the enemy will run amok
toying with your dreams
while they crumble into dust

animals revolt in masses
mental slaves rebuke their masters
the extent of our endeavors
made absolutely clear

the wheels are turning
babylon keeps burning
time has come to
consecrate the end

Open your heart
Close your mind
He is here
In the flesh

conquerors have reached the gates
soon their orders will be called
the night has reached its blackest pitch
nothing left to keep them stalled

antagonists are rushing in
the towers start to fall
those who believe ancient scripture
may hear a trumpet call

the battle rages everywhere
our actions stain the walls
nothing can be hidden now
they're going to take it all

animal | in the flesh
animal | he's out there

in my mind i was a demon
in my body i was a hermaphrodite
in my soul i never even existed
Track Name: Nothing Is Sacred
time is running
machine winning
your only chance
the end is coming

the only time is now!

THEY WILL: Select. Suspect. Subject.
YOU MUST: Refuse. Resist. Rise Up.

its your only chance
to take it all back

nothing is sacred
not even your constitutional rights

victory or death
for primates
time to take it all

now is the time to take a stand and prove to the world
that you exist because you definitely wont get another chance
before you get broken down by the demands of the ruling class
while the disasters build around you and theres only so much time
left in this deteriorating environment
so each moment that is experienced as its experienced should
be given the fullest admiration since why would you
want to look back at your moment of death to the
memories of a life of someone who believed nothing is sacred?

nothing is sacred
everything is lost
Track Name: Eye Of Set
and the wind is blowing
stinging sand onto your face

and the visions keep building
like bats coming for your eyes

and you know its not real
but you look down anyway

when the eagle spreads its wings
the mice will try their best to flee

when the insects lay their eggs
the maggots will return again

When the serpent sheds its skin
we die and are reborn again

When the serpent sheds its skin
we die die die
Track Name: Control Freak
neverending hunger
taking it all for myself

the guns, the cash, the necrosex

rolling through the city with evil on the mind
when it comes to operations im a wunderkind
summoning the powers of the hollow forces
ride upon the saddles of eternal horses

humans are sheltered but physical
ashamed of what they saw
closing up the doors of the hospitals
now its going to get raw

i dont need to prove a single thing
theres no hiding but you can run
hi my name is unholy vengeance
would you like to have some fun?

what i am is a control freak
ill infiltrate your life
i'm such a control freak
a virus in your mind

i am a control freak
i want to rule your world
i'm such a control freak
let my voice be heard

configuring controls at the wardesk
hacking their weak little mainframe
investigating private data banks
the rules for us aren't quite the same

i'm the banker, the lawyer, the police man
keeping an eye on your backyard
to us the details are of great concern
conducting sabotage at every turn

the drones, the cameras, the satellites

keep believing that tired cliche of a global conspiracy
that line of thought is the enslavement, the truth will set you free
the sick compulsion of politicians makes a home within us all
this OCD Uber-Mensch demon can survive in minds both big and small

it lives in fields of battle, it hides behind your walls
lifts its massive horns to the sky, can you hear its call?
Track Name: Neurocrunk No. 9
HEAVEN - dial 999
MAGICK - comes in 333's

Neuro. Neuro-Crunk. Number Nine.

climbing the impossible mountain
twirling figures on the horizon
pulling bodies through the tube
psychic attacks are a constant

when you dial my phone number
an angel will be there waiting
giving machine orders to
speak clearly at the tone

synapses are multiplying
full force conquer and dividing
in the neurocrunk domain
we call number nine

Number 9 9 9

synapses are multiplying
full force conquer and dividing
in the neurocrunk domain
we call number nine

Get your krunk chalice ready...
and watch as I transmute blood into whiskey.

LADY - she's the 111
- LIBER 777 (bitches)

Neuro. Neuro-Crunk. Number Nine.

scanning through forgotten records
reading through their rotten secrets
recognizing potential for us
activating the Gnome

ready? are you ready?
to let this kind of crunk enter your mind?
ready? better get ready
to inject neurocrunk into your spine
Track Name: Thee Aeon Falls
unholy barons in their ivory towers
sitting on a house of cards
the rest of us are at ground zero
complacent as little lambs

filth-mongers of every stripe
lurking around your private grid
eugenics doctors are analyzing
your cost-risk benefit

its time to get excited
its time to cut and run
this overwhelming juggernaut
will outlive us 10 to 1

maybe the wise men are right
maybe the time has come
for this mundane age of phallus
to be swallowed by the sun

thee aeon falls into clawed hands
thee aeon falls just as was planned
thee aeon falls matter unfurls
thee aeon falls murder the world

alchemists in their fancy aether
turning their shit to gold
elite reptilian overlords
like eating our brains cold

proletariats on their lay-z-boyz
waiting around for who knows what
the universe has different plans
for those that hold their breath

its here to steal your choices
its here to rape your rights
this inhuman automaton
will toy with your whole life

maybe the old ones are coming
maybe they're already here
as the machinations of silicon
are making their way to your rear

running from the archons [thee aeon falls]
as they cross through gateways [thee aeon falls]
crowding in the bunker [thee aeon falls]
waiting for the countdown [thee aeon falls]
Track Name: Amalantrah Grey
can't close the hole
they'll come and go

misconception of the flying saucer
lucifer gnosis from the other side
a realm that's filled with twisted faces
in the subtle scheme of places

you are looking in the wrong direction
they are hiding right behind you
plastic untruth permeates our minds
shapeshift enemies of human kind

traveling through the portal of lam

altars draped in crimson sheets
cultists gathered to repeat
life from beyond steps on through
stars and earth were ready but noone knew

amalantrah grey they fooled you
the amalantrah greys they fooled us all

extra dimensional not extra terrestrial
blending into amalantrah grey
rational brutality and surreal vitality
depends how you look at the picture frame

access is power
subatomic ancestry
ritual devours
fueled by sexual energy

Sit in silence before the portrait. Invoke mentally by silent repetition of the Name. If response is felt to be positive, but not before, enter the Egg and merge with That which is within and look out through the entity’s eyes on what appears now to the votary an alien world. Seal the Egg, close the eyes of Lam and await developments. At the first sign of stress or fatigue, return to mundane consciousness by opening the eyes and by oozing out of the Egg in a form determined by the experiences within. Perform, astrally, the Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram of Earth, at the Eight Spaces, and record all experiences in detail, paying particular attention to lunar phases and any physiological phenomena accompanying the experience.
Track Name: Nephilim
passing through the orbit's hidden line


sometimes life isn't what it seems
you have to get a second opinion
scaly and surviving for millennia
running our lives like we are puppets

functioning as a testing ground for twisted ideals
the nephilim will reward you for your obedience
sacrificing humans at such sites as Chichen Itza
the nephilim are hungry for your nutrient rich blood


carved in stone by the Sumerians
discussed in the bible
in those times their existence
was perceived as supernatural

they want to keep you sheltered
and completely in the dark
we are but little ants to them
it has always been this stark

some of them are in your family
others underground or in space
say hello to your rotten old neighbor
the alien master race
Track Name: Psychic Siege
reaching out
lost in doubt
fading fast
cannot last

there are traps set for those who stand against the grey malignance
managing the meddlesome who dare to lift the veil
dedicated servicemen monitor the flow of information
it might be irrelevant but they keep it just in case

psychic siege | winner take all
coordinated sleaze | as we take the fall

just give up | thats what they want
just roll over | and live in denial
we bow down | we always just back down
we lay down | there's nothing to be found

time has come | to prepare
don't return | to the herd
we sit back | we always just sit back
we relax | until we are attacked

infiltrating level 5 atrocities were endless
made it out alive with evidence to make my case
but the deadly pathogen invented secretly
had been cleverly concocted to degrade without a trace

in the face of scrutiny and extreme skepticism
my credibility dissolved just the like the virus sample
government officials have been hunting my ass down
i've got to make one last desperate attempt to stop these clowns

ive got to show you while there is still time
for you to save your friends and family
time for a showdown right here in public
no more institutional subterfuge

we must defend our freedom from the reptilians | lies and warfare
a conspiracy to strip our rights away and destroy the ones you love all day and night without mercy | one by one
real soon you better make sure that you are ready or | you will not live
I will not be poisoned by my situation

bring forth the truth! dont accept an excuse!

regardless of the odds i stepped forth into the arena
presented all my facts impromptu at independence hall
quickly recognized by cops i warned them of my bombs
they failed to detonate and so they came and dragged me off

too bad
they nailed me
too late
they stopped me

top level psychic warfare
they put me in the looney bin
Track Name: Drawing The Void
breaking the threshold
lifting the veil
meeting choronzon
as we cross the void

disappearing behind the curtain
navigating nonexistent pathways
discarnate delusional forms
are pleading to be noticed

it will be determined whether you are good or evil while you are crossing it
this state of mind can only end with one of two outcomes for the babes of the abyss
a great gulf between the phenomenal and noumenal a swarming mass of all things
self personification translates universally 23 revolutions in the pyramid

getting lost in the void
staring into the void
living in the void
drawing the void

orgies in the quicksand as we writhe and we struggle to comprehend
the never ending swirling chaos running through our blood while
demon thoughts whisper in my ear but they aren't really there

it never ends
nothing is real
merging entirely
the eternal ordeal

don't get caught up with the hallucinations found in this territory
running from the chaos will not work at all when you are in the abyss
a gap that's imaginary functioning as a warehouse for maddening things
self personification translates universally 23 revolutions in the pyramid

on the third time returning you must face the will of guardian 333
an unprepared psychonaut may put their self at risk of becoming a black brother
the path of Daath becomes alive while forcing a way to get through
self personification translates universally 23 revolutions in the pyramid
Track Name: The New Aeon
the little hand has reached the zero point of no return
electric grids are flickering from constant solar storms

those who can will send missiles to destroy their population
the rest of us are here to begin a new civilization

the dinosaurs have finally exhaled their final noxious breath
the new aeon gives birth to a child of timeless conquest

the individual will become ruler for once and all
an army of bisexuals will make their barracks out of malls

First the people believed that all was created by the Goddess,
using the archetype of Isis, gently communing with Nature, but without
the understanding of Death or the ways of Love.

Following this, a new god emerged, that of Osiris,
where Man was revered, and also being considered subject to Death,
success hinging only on rebirth. During this time, people believed
they were reborn with each passing of the year, or even each day.

Now that all this has come to pass, with hazy smog and scorched earth, an enormous
feline emerges, heralding the great Aeon of Horus, the crowned and conquering child,
who cannot die, will not resurrect, but strides relentlessly, much like the Sun.
Just as night is only brought about by the presence of a shadow on Earth, so too is
Death merely the shadow of our Bodies, veiling our own Light from ourselves.

The New Aeon Is Already Here
Track Name: Infernal Union

its hard to forget because its what you live: the left hand path

hurtling morbidly toward our destiny
into the blackness and vacuums of history
fire and force
a phallic lack of mystery

Lilith the queen of the flip side
the infernal moon and goddess
mother of all demons and succubi
with her lover Asmodai

the hermaphroditic alignment now
spawning offspring known as wise Baphomet
made possible thanks to the blind serpent
slithering through the mind

the sinister forces of nature are
taking a supernatural form as they
work by directing the unquestioned
voice of the world's trusted men

now we're all gonna dance yeah
they know how to pull the strings

infernal union
fallen from grace
infernal union
wrapped in scarlet lace

now we're all gonna make love
as the flames surround us

the left-hand path
the left-hand path